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“Fertilizing nourishes the foundation of your landscape, enriching the soil and fostering robust plant growth.”

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6-Step Fertilizer Application

  • Benefits Of The Program: The 6-step fertilizer program is designed to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the year. This comprehensive approach ensures that your grass receives consistent nourishment, adapting to the changing needs of each season. The benefits of this program include promoting vigorous growth, enhancing the green color of the grass, and improving the lawn’s overall health and resilience against stress, pests, and diseases.
  • Details Of Each Step:
  • – Early Spring Application: Begins the season with a balanced fertilizer to wake up the grass after winter and a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed growth.
  • – Late Spring Feeding: Focuses on strengthening the lawn’s roots with a high-nitrogen fertilizer and applying post-emergent herbicides to control any emerging weeds.
  • – Summer Treatment: Includes a slow-release fertilizer to sustain the lawn during the heat of summer, along with targeted pest control to prevent insect damage.
  • – Late Summer Application: Adjusts nutrient levels to prepare the lawn for the cooler months and addresses any summer stress damage.
  • – Winterizer: The final step applies a specially formulated fertilizer to fortify the grass against cold weather and provide the nutrients needed for a quick green-up in spring.

Results Of Regular Fertilization: With regular applications through the 6-step fertilizer program, your lawn will exhibit improved grass density, making it lush and thick. The consistent nutrient supply enhances the color, giving you a vibrant green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. Overall lawn health is significantly improved, with increased resistance to environmental stresses, pests, and diseases. This holistic care approach ensures that your lawn remains not only beautiful but also healthy and strong year-round.


“Fertilizing nourishes the foundation of your landscape, enriching the soil and fostering robust plant growth.”

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Signs that your lawn may need fertilizing include slow growth, a pale or yellowish color, and a thinning appearance. Performing a soil test can also accurately determine nutrient deficiencies and guide fertilization needs.

Yes, proper fertilization can improve soil health by supplying essential nutrients that support microbial activity and enhance soil structure, leading to a more fertile and sustainable growing environment for your lawn and plants.

Yes, it is safe for children & pets. We ask you to please wait at least 30 minutes to an hour after an application before allowing them back into the yard.

Yes, watering your lawn after fertilizing helps to dissolve the fertilizer and carry the nutrients down to the roots of the grass, ensuring they are available for uptake and preventing fertilizer burn on the grass blades.